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New transmission lines will do more than just improve the reliability of our electric grid. They are badly needed to transport new sources of renewable energy to customers in our towns and cities, according to industry experts.

Please take a moment to read “Lack of new power lines threatens renewable growth,” published by Reuters News following the Renewable Energy Finance Forum in New York on June 18-19. Below are excerpts from the article:

"While companies scramble to drive down the price of power produced by sun and wind, many say a dearth of transmission lines in remote areas ideal for wind farms and solar plants is a bigger impediment than cost to spurring U.S. growth of renewable energy."

"Building lines to channel that clean electricity to urban areas will be no small task, and renewable energy executives at a conference in New York this week warned that many planned solar and wind projects may never see the light of day if policymakers do not expand power grids to accommodate them."